Mathieu Bouchard

About me

Development background

I'm a web developer with a strong background in both server-side and client-side web technologies. Like many hackers, I started programming in my pre-teens and stumbled my way to a career in web development, honing my skills in a variety of bootstrapped startups.

I'm what people in my industry call a "generalist", due to having been the only developer on every startup I've ever been involved in, forcing me to wear many hats. Also, freelancing throughout the years meant staying sharp in more than one area.

These days my focus has been on front-end development and writing incredible web applications using Meteor.

Active Startups

  • Video hosting for agencies and video professionals, with a focus on dead-simple uploading & encoding in order to send rough cuts to clients. Super-fast encoding, totally on-brand (i.e. fully customizable) webpage to host the video itself, and globally distributed hosting for ultra fast delivery.

Active Open-Source

  • Meteor Collection Hooks: Meteor-endorsed package to attach before/after hooks to various collection methods (insert, update, remove, find, findOne).

Notable Client Work (recent)

Inactive/Past Coding Projects

  • Paste or upload screengrabs or images, sketch on them, annotate, then send to friends either in read-only or in collaborative mode where you can sketch a "masterpiece" together in real-time. Written using the Meteor framework;
  • Grocery shopping for the efficient, written using the Meteor framework;
  • Gift Tracker: Track gifts with family and friends, reserve gifts to avoid doubles;
  • Meteor SMD: Brings many of the benefits of AMD to the Meteor environment. In my opinion, a must-have for serious development using the Meteor framework;
  • Jekyll Tools: The better of the Jekyll combiners out there IMO, for now! I no longer maintain the original -- @DarrenSchnare forked it a little too well!;
  • docx2md: Word docx to Markdown converter;
  • jQuery Smooth Jump: Integrating jQuery Address with some smooth scrolling in one package;
  • jQuery Vertical Stack: Stack elements against each other, a-la-sticky-nav;
  • HashCom (collaboration with @DarrenSchnare): JS project, hash "commands" that drive events.
  • Dash (2012): Development-side framework, event-driven. Build static websites out of plain old SSI. I've been using Jekyll instead, but Dash had some nice advantages. However, the cons outweighed the pros and Jekyll is now my framework of choice for building out websites.
  • XComponent (~2010-2012): XML/XSLT framework. If you're dealing with an XML-centric project exposed to the web, using this framework might make your life much easier;
  • xMVC (~2008-2010): PHP MVC framework, where models are XML, views are XSL;
  • Tribes RPG (~2000-2002): I went by the pseudonym JeremyIrons. A few servers are still active today, a decade later, where you can still play this Total Conversion of Starsiege Tribes!

Past Startups

  • HomeDVD: Co-founder, though no longer involved in day-to-day operations. The company is well known in the consumer film digitization space.
  • PlanetBachelorette (~2006-2010): Co-founded with my wife. Ran on my own homebrew infrastructure. Even the billing, invoicing, etc was custom. The new owner thankfully moved it over to Shopify;
  • (~2006): Job search board for tech salespeople. Pivoted to Peak Sales Recruiting.
  • (~2002-2004): Co-founder, though it was "Grade A Student" back then. We would send students (like us) to fix computers in people's homes. I built an enormous (and way ahead of its time) CRM called gasnet, which remained the backbone (and competitive advantage) of the company until only a few years ago. GradeA eventually "customer-segment" pivoted into an IT support company;


I'm a family man, happily married with two wonderful kids. You might find me bouldering at Coyote's on Wednesdays.